I have been involved in the field of language testing since the mid-1980s acting as a trainer, consultant and/or researcher on projects for the British Council, DfID, the British Ministry of Defence, the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lancaster University, the University of Innsbruck and BIFIE (Austria), IQB, IQMV & ISB (Germany), the Foreign Language Teaching & Research Press and Beijing Foreign Studies University (China), and EUROCONTROL (Luxembourg). I have carried out workshops in many parts of the world most recently as Director of the Hornby Regional Training Programmes in Dubai and Dhaka working with participants from Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

I am currently Director of Language Test Development & Analysis Ltd. and a Visiting Teaching Fellow in the Department of Linguistics & English Language at Lancaster University. I am also an EALTA Expert Member.

As a trainer I have worked with a large number of test development teams helping them to 

  • design items and tasks
  • build up item writing guidelines
  • create feedback questionnaires
  • draw up procedures for test administration
  • develop rating scales
  • analyse test and feedback questionnaire data
  • carry out standard setting procedures

My work also involves 

  • providing distance feedback on tasks to item writers
  • delivering workshops on all aspects of language testing
  • advising on the establishment and maintenance of testing systems

I am the author of Designing Listening Tests: A Practical Approach (March 2017) and Statistical Analyses for Language Testers (April 2013) and have presented my work at EALTA (European Association for Language Testing and Assessment), LTRC (Language Testing Research Colloquium),  LTF (Language Testing Forum), and PEP (Peace-Keeping English Project) Conferences.