Language Testing at Lancaster (LTL) 2001-present

The Language Testing at Lancaster (LTL) course is for those individuals or teams whose work or personal interests involve them in language test construction and development at the local or national level.  

Weeks 1 and 2 of LTL will help participants build on their knowledge of language testing by providing theoretical input on issues central to language testing hands-on opportunities to develop test items.

In addition, two further 1-week courses focus on the analysis of test data. Week 1 concentrates on the role of descriptive and inferential statistics in classical test theory while week 2 offers an introduction to modern test theory.

Staff Members 2017

Course Director: Dr Rita Green

Dr Tineke BrunfautDr Luke Harding

Dates 2017

Weeks 1 and 2: Monday, 17 July to Friday, 28 July

Classical Test Theory: Monday, 31 July  - Friday, 4 August

Introduction to Modern Test Theory: Monday, 7 August - Friday, 11 August

The deadline for applications is 20th May 2017.