English Listening and Speaking Assessment in Bangladesh Higher Secondary Schools: A Baseline Study

Dr Tineke Brunfaut & Dr Rita Green, Lancaster University, UK

This research study involved an investigation of:

  • the current practice of teaching listening and speaking skills in higher secondary schools in Bangladesh and how these skills are integrated with the teaching of reading and writing. 
  • whether listening and speaking skills were assessed informally in school and how teachers provide feedback to pupils and communicate their progress to parents. 
  • the perceptions of various stakeholders (teachers, governing bodies and students) towards the importance of listening and speaking skills in higher secondary schools by means of focus groups and feedback questionnaires.
  • what type of capacity building measures would be required to empower teachers to assess speaking and listening skills in line with international norms and standards.
  • what types of improvements would be needed in terms of pedagogical practice and professional development in order to enable teachers to assess their students' listening and speaking skills.

In addition, the set of listening and speaking competences for each grade in the national curriculum which are expected to be achieved by learners were critically analysed and mapped against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: learning, teaching, assessment (CEFR).

The findings related to each of the above issues formed the basis of the final report together with clear action points and recommendations.